FIX: DPC watchdog violation BSOD error in Windows 10



Are users getting a background message with win32appbackgroundcontext on their current Windows 10 PC? This is a common problem that many Windows 10 users face and it is quite frustrating.

Since the advent Windows 10, the lives of Windows users have been made easier by the variety of features, functions, and experiences. Thanks to Microsoft, you get regular updates at traditional intervals of improvements to the advanced features of Windows 10 operating system

However, it is still prone to errors, random errors, and crashes at unexpected times. An example of an error would be the Win32AppBackgroundContext message, which usually doesn’t appear anywhere when you’re on a family PC. Apart from displaying a blank white screen error, it seems that if you view the message it will come back preventing you from doing your best on PC. However, in retrospect, the problem seems strange and can therefore be solved. Let’s see how.

Solution: Delete EasyMail For Gmail

easymail standalone is an application that adds Gmail directly to your desktop. All in all, it makes it easy for Google Mail to use on your phone by providing easy access to your email, calendar, and notes in one app. It also allows customers to switch between accounts with a single click. However, this application can also mess up your system functions and spice up the Win32AppBackgroundContext message with the background. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Let’s see 1: like:

Step At the beginning, if you want to type, type in easymail’s special Windows search bar.

Start, Windows Search Easymail

Step 2. Right click (EasyMail results for and gmail) select “Delete” from the context menu.

Wait for EasyMail to be uninstalled once and restart your computer.

The problem message should now disappear and the win32appbackgroundcontext should no longer show a clear background.

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Are you getting one Win32AppBackgroundContext message with white on the Windows 10 PC background? A common issue that several Windows 10 users have encountered and it’s quite frustrating.

Since the advent of Windows 10, East Windows users’ lives have been made a lot easier with a host of benefits, features, capabilities, and more. Thanks to Microsoft, updates regularly bring new improvements to help you with the features and functions of Windows. These 10

However, operating systems are also error-prone, error-prone and crashing at unexpected times. One such error is the Win32AppBackgroundContext message, which can appear anywhere for anyone during work.You are on your PC. A blank white screen appears with which, the error seems to return even after being annoyed by the message, thus preventing you from working on the computer. However, this problem seems to occur for some reason and a strange pattern AND can be solved. Let’s see how.

Decision. Remove EasyMail Gmail

EasyMail for One is a stand-alone application using Google to send your emails directly to your computer. All in all, it makes it easy to use Gmail in the browser by providing easy email access to all your calendars and notes in one integrated app. It also allows you to successfully switch from one account to another with a single click. However, an application defined can also interfere with your own function system and result in messages defined by the Win32AppBackgroundContext with a white background. Fortunately, this can be fixed.Love:

Enjoy step 1: Go to the start menu to also log in EasyMail on the Windows bar. 2:

Step Right-click the event (EasyMail for Gmail) and select Delete toText menu.

Wait for EasyMail to uninstall itself and restart your computer when you’re done. If

Now it appears that the Win32AppBackgroundContext problem message is gone, you shouldn’t see the white background either.

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A problem common to all Windows products in 2021 is the dreaded BSOD screen (blue of death), the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error remains one of the most frustrating.

This is a check for annoying BSOD code 0x00000133. DPC is short for Delayed routines, whose term “watchdog” refers similar to a checker that monitors or monitors its own programs and your PC’s performance.

We will try to shed some light on this and provide a guide on how to fix this problem on a windows 10 PC.

What Causes The Dpc_watchdog_violation Error?

In some cases this problem occurs with BSoD, in others all these points have a common cause. If families go to the official Microsoft website, everyone will find information about it:

This validation error indicates that the DPC watchdog timer was triggered either because it encountered a single long deferred procedure (DPC) or because the function has passed a long time at another DISPATCH_LEVEL interrupt level (IRQL) request or higher.

The value of the integer parameter indicates whether one dpc or the entire cumulative body has expired and spent the long time period at the IRQL or Dispatch_Level above.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has stopped working because it can’t get a response from a major hardware component, driver, softwareA big solution or a related software solution.

The most commonly reported hardware component is the drive, the Windows hard drive, and crashes where the hard drive becomes unreadable (similar to unplugging a hard drive data cable while in use). case

In some cases, the problem may be a hardware incompatibility, the BIOS may not be up to date with UEFI, problems with the SSD, incorrect overclocking, or even a virus infection.

Another Dpc_watchdog_violation Error

All of the solutions below also work if you encounter the following errors:

  • DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION on startup: This issue occurs after startup and can usually be caused by problems with the hard drive.
  • DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION when connected to the Internet – occurs after you finally connect to the Internet and is caused by a problem with your own network card driver.
  • DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION when playing a game Occurs when trying to start a game or a more complex financial application and is caused by a faulty driver.
  • DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Occurs when W is installedindows 10 – when you try to install Windows 10 and there is always a problem with your current UEFI or bios.
  • bugcheck Dpc_watchdog_violation – The problem occurs randomly and should probably be caused by a bad driver.
  • StopCode: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION: Problem. This is considered a hardware problem or a faulty driver.