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I’m getting an error when using the Clean Access agent version 3.5.13. My university requires a Clean Access agent to wirelessly connect to a central computer.

When I enter my credentials, I immediately get a fatal message error. The first error message appears in the popup window:

After clicking OK, a different error message appears in the Clean Access Agent window:

Details related to my PC: Dell Inspiron 1150 with 512MB RAM

How do I scan a server for viruses?

Log into cPanel.
On the ADVANCED page of the main cPanel screen, click Antivirus:
In the Start New Scan section, select the directory you want to scan:
Click Analyze Now.
If a specific virus scan detects infected software, you can choose what to do with the files:

I used the previous version associated with the Clean Access agent but didn’t get our error.

Is there a newer version that usually fixes my mistake? If so, where can I download it now?

What open source online tool owned by Google can be used to check for viruses or for malicious sites?

Google Transparency Report
The stated purpose of the Google Transparency Report is to tell function visitors whether a website is considered safe to visit. However, website users can easily create reports for their specific websites to scan URLs for viruses quickly and even free of charge.

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