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The next version of Magento by d. H Magento 2, brings new challenges. If you are planning to upgrade Cron Lounge old versions to the new version, you may run into the same problems. In the current article, we are discussing the general conditions and decisions of Magento Version 2.

Two most common Magento problems, solutions

Experienced magento developers as well as everyone else may run into the most common issues currently learning the magento 2 platform. The issues you may run into can no doubt be minor issues, but if you don’t try to identify them quickly , they may also be a problem for you.

So let’s look at the most common Magento problems with two solutions:

  • Install payment data after installing Magento 2: first download sample data: sudo perl bin/magento and Sampledata:deploy then install sample data: sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade< /li>

  • Clear theme/CSS storage cache. To clear the CSS theme cache, either run the following commands:
  • Reindexing. One or more indexers are invalid in Magento 2. Therefore, you need toLet’s make sure your Magento cron job is running. To reindex RAM memory, use the perl indexer:reindex bin\magento command in the CLI. If you just want to reindex another indexer, write the command perl bin\magento indexer:reindex indexer_name where indexer_name can be found by typing perl bin\magento indexer:info
  • Remove block from layout: New versions of Magento have a couple of removal methods,
  • Set developer mode: Developer mode can be set using the command line interface bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer
  • Get URL Magento Base 2. If you want to get base page try some code:
  • Checking the installation of the module. To check the list of enabled or disabled modules, use the following command.
  • Using the jQuery library. If you are adding a lot of jQuery to your custom js library, you must include the js code in the request, which works like this:
  • Set backend session timeout: can you use backend session eg.

  • 404 errors e.g. for website programs and CSS: when I’m not in production mode, Magento 2 will try to create symlinks for some fixed resources. You can change these properties by doing the following.
    1. Open application #1/etc/di.and xml find virtual type name=”developerMaterialization”. removed. You can modify the task by changing the contents of Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Symlink to Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Copy
    2. Remove files from pub/static to get rid of all symlinks. You may not want to be careful when removing the .htaccess
    3. type.

  • Magento’s Top Two SEO Problems

    Having dealt with the new platform 2, magento, we discovered the most common SEO mistakes. Magento 2 based websites will succeed effortlessly if their SEO is flawless. In the latest versions of Magento, you will definitely find improvements in SEO. Many common SEO mistakes and their causes:

    1. Index HTTP and website

    If you index multiple http and https versions of the main website for https versions, one of all versions will be indexed be seen as duplicate content.

    To avoid this error, you must specify the preferred version, and other versions of the same preferred url must point to the https version while having a canonical link. For example, https is usually the preferred version for websites yours so when encoding HTML, your current version of http should combine a canonical comparison pointing to https and vice versa.

    1. multilevel navigation for settings in txt format

    In general, layered navigation is not good for your site from an SEO point of view. You should always avoid sorting filters and this layered navigation as it is mostly indexed in its raw form. You can also use layered navigation, whose extensions can certainly change the meaning of filtered and sorted pages into optimized landing pages.

    Magento 2 extension issues and solutions

    If you’re using Magento Steam for an extension, check out the following complaints and fixes:

  • CoCompatibility with Magento Versions: Before downloading any of our Magento 2 extensions, please check if it is compatible with the version of Magento you are using. For example, many extensions provide M for 2. Can 1 certainly work for version 2.0. Steps:
  • Install. Follow the maintenance policy.
  • Latest versions of Magento 2 extensions: If you want to use the extensions, please download the latest version to extend the best features.
  • Clear static cache. After users install the extension, don’t forget to clear the static cache before using the extension for backup. You can do this by going to: System > Cache Management > Static File Cache.
  • Static content cache. If you have settings for extension workday, or make it clear that you are clearing the static content storage cache. This will definitely result in me saying the interface is enabled with some new settings and non-historical CSS files.
  • Administration issues: sessions. To solve the problem with admin sessionstry logging out and then logging back in to the admin panel.
  • Functions. Before downloading, installing and using an extension in the store, check the features carefully as they may conflict with the general features of existing extensions in the store.
  • The right place to copy your extensions. correct For the extension to work, it must be copied to the correct folders. In this example, the MConnect Media extension is displayed at:
  • System requirements: app/code/Mconnect/MODULE_NAME
  • Before running Magento 2, make sure you have met all the software requirements.

    General procedure for investigating two issues with Magento
    To study the problem:

  • Check the tech directory ./var/log or your Magento 4 installation – look for errors or even logs especially exceptions, in log and system.log
  • If you get an error “An error has occurred with the seller of your request” when setting up the page, print an id report when the message appears and check the “report directory ./var/”: with a file there, a duplicate name is displayed.
  • Possible file permissions issue: Read-only file owner storage in Magento 2 directories and specific permissions. They use the UNIX chown (change owner) (change chmod mode) commands to improve them accordingly.
  • Check the web server logs. For example, Apache is available Or /var/log/apache2 /var/log/httpd, the folder depends on your System.2
  • clear the Magento cache version (if the cache is enabled sometimes), remember that helps:

  • is ./var/cache
  • ./var/page_cache
  • .you /var/generation
  • switch the store to developer:style, open Magento web root with .im htaccess file and SetEnv enable MAGE_MODE. Use “developer” or any CLI command: php deploy:mode:set bin/magento developer
    More technical information (bugs) about this PHP mode
  • can certainly be shown

  • Enable INI file error reporting:

  • ini_set(“display_startup_errors”,1);
  • ini_set(“display_errors”,1);
  • error report (-1);
  • Interface problems:

  • Check for errors in the mobile console (in Chrome: Developer Tools/Console).
  • Enable page hints for Magento 2 theme templates. Onadmin screen open section: Stores/Settings configuration/Advanced/Developer for each debugging/”Enable template path hints for Storefront”
  • How to fix the identified problems?

  • If you are a technical person and are familiar with the Magento 2 platform, you can try to solve the problem yourself, or you can also sometimes call a good Magento 2 expert.