The future of brain implants is almost here. Are you in business?

How to play this game online on PC or MAC

You can control all Android games and apps with PC or MAC computer. Use Free Software
Called Bluestacks, you don’t need to buy anything other than online or in the apps themselves if perhaps
Not for free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link
  • Install BlueStacks from the installation file, usually by following the instructions on the screen.
  • When installed, Bluestacks will include your Google account.
  • Type Word Bash: Search Puzzle Prevention and install it.
  • Now you can use this puzzle game on your PC or MAC.

    It’s nothing if it’s not something special, it would be unique to showcase your results to other people around the world. It’s a good drumbeat and you can dance, it’s possible.😊

    Good game, but some correct thoughts were not recognized (eg ectopic ones). There must be a way to find them. But the biggest disappointment is that you can exit the game very easily using the back button (on Aandroid).

    Definitely makes you think! Can be quite exciting, but at least the moment you finally say the words, the person feels like you’ve achieved something at least fantastic!!

    Get used to the situation. Since the Android Lollipop update, the game is slow and lags. (Phone type Motorola Droid Turbo.). Not much fun today as you can’t get half your normal score. Please fix!! I checked for updates and rebooted my phone to the issue.

    1. It’s slow and tedious to type each letter one by one… Why don’t you suggest dragging the letters to select them, then release to type the word multiple times? 2. Layouts often have large sections without vowels or letters, which are usually arranged in such a way that words cannot be formed from them. 3. If your company installs the game, the icon means “Word Brain” (your original name?).

    I really like this game, but there is a good way to get in touch with everyone, usually when there is a problem or an issue that is absolutely necessary.We can decide. Starting today, you can easily play the game, but you cannot send a rating to find out where you really are. This is very frustrating. Contacting us about frequent issues will give you an A+ rating.

    Use this game if you like. Immediately throws out so many ads that it tries to become unplayable. I just watched 5 ads to play 1 game and I’m sick of it now, I’m deleting it.

    I am addicted to these methods but all of a sudden the software stopped working… no network connection… is it because of wifi or my service… so sad!!! there are payments!

    Would have given a higher score, except that it would definitely be good to pick a rep on the way to a level if you’re developing a close effort!

    Word Bash: Puzzle

    is a puzzle game developed by Ceremos
    Aragonese house
    2 apple tree close
    western middle earth
    B91 2TQ.
    The game must be suitable for forums ages 3 and up.
    and the expected version of Android 2.3 and above.


    Neuralink is on track to begin human trials of its implant technology, and it is likely that within a hundred years, brain implants will be suitable for most people as soon as possible. What exactly does this mean for you?

    What is BCI or Brain-Computer Interface?

    The name “brain-computer interface” already says most of what you need to communicate to someone, but basically it’s a direct line of communication between some neurons in your brain and any other computer system.

    Intelligence computers have been on the rise for a long time and are being successfully used to allow paralyzed people to control robotic forearms with just a thought. BCIS are different from devices that, for example, read signals from your muscles or connect to your brain’s neural network, but this technological know-how is obviously different.Started with BCI.

    In the case of Neuralink, the prototype consists of incredibly thin electrodes inserted as “neural wires”, no doubt installed by a robotic system along with an attached link device. Power is supplied to wirelessly connect the app without the need to tear the skin. Older BCI devices, mostly from BrainGate, have a port that connects the mind to the outside world. The new sealed full implant, as all Neuralink types promise, will still be a big step forward.

    Medical Implants and Elective Implants

    Max4e Photo/

    At this early stage, Neuralink’s launch is its implant as a next-generation medical device. Provide a site link between different parts of the brain chemistry and computer systems that can help you restore visual, auditory, motor and intellectual functions. It is important to understand that Neuralink is trying to improve the fathe actual connection, not the computing technology that will actually provide these solutions, only such medical applications were part of the roadmap.

    The importance of modern BCI technology in helping people with serious neurological problems cannot be underestimated, and no one seriously opposes this entry. However, the long-term goal of implants like Neuralink is for people who are generally perfectly healthy to opt to have a BCI.

    When you go from a lifesaving or restorative medical device to elective surgery with a device like the BCI a, the whole mindset changes. After all, no operation is trivial or without risk.

    BCI complement and benefits

    Artificial human augmentation is a rapidly developing field of science. Since that day, there have been prosthetic limbs that can move in response to signals from nerves or remaining muscle tissue. There are even contributors who can develop Feels like the spin of the brain!

    Since technological innovation has no limits other than the general laws of physics (and we are smart), it goes without saying that some of these replacement departments will end up being better than the carnal elements that were originally intended for you. A lot of cyberpunk literature has been written about this effect lately, but the reality of this is usually closer than most people think.

    If your entire family could function, your devices could work with just your mind, fly a drone as if it were your body’s file format, or stream a virtual reality experience straight into your brain that many people in a row would be connected to with working procedures?

    This is a question that everyone in the 21st century may have to answer for themselves, or it may be a question that all of your children will face. This can be a particularly difficult choice when women and men who choose to have implants mayhave cognitive advantages that make everyone better as employees or enable them to achieve more than those who also forgo implants.

    From Cybersecurity to Can-Cyborg Security

    You might be annoyed by a malware attack through your computer or one of your online accounts being compromised. But it would be much worse if someone hacked into your brain implant – not only for privacy reasons, but also because there is a big villain in your brain. Assuming that BCIs end up relaying facts to our brains rather than simply reading neural activity, this opens up the potential for memory hacking for them.