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Computer troubleshooting is part of the trendy life of online learning. We recommend that you try to solve some of the most common problems yourself before calling the support team.

  1. Check the status of your course management system (CMS).
    Is this maintenance? Does Canvas currently have an exceptional crash?
    1. Canvas state updates
    2. Be aware of changes in Canvas
  2. Clear your browser’s cache (history, cookies, etc.)
    Clearing your browser’s cache often resolves an issue where your cachelogica.com is unable to load the latest website and/or software.
    1. How to clear phone cache on PC?
    2. How to clear the browser cache on any type of MAC?
  3. Try a different browser
    If you find that your browser’s cache has been cleared and themes still don’t work properly, try a different browser. Example: If you are using Chrome, try Firefox and vice versa. Make sure your browsers are up to date. You can always download the latest plan online for free.
    1. Chrom
    2. Firefox
    3. What browsers does Canvas support?
  4. Restart your computer
    Many teachers and staff solve their problems by following this simple step. Always a good option to try.
  5. Check your internet speed
    A slow connection may be the reason why your CMS is running slowly. Your  If necessary, share the result with your ISP to resolve the issue.
  6. Enable browser cookies
    Cookies are small files that are stored in the user’s notebook. They are designed to store your own modest amount of client and website specific data and are therefore accessible from the client’s web server or laptop. This allows the online server to provide you with a page tailored to specific individuals or users. The page, in turn, may contain a script that recognizes the data in the new cookie and thus may contain visit information to direct you to the website of interest (or a website linked to it).
  7. Enable Java
    RectorWe recommend that you use the latest version to ensure the correct functioning of our network systems.
    1. Read What is Java and why do I need it?
    2. Download Java
  8. Managing blockers
    Pop-up windows Pop-up windows, or simply pop-up windows, are windows that appear automatically without your permission. Although they are the same size, they usually do not take up the entire screen. Basically, they are necessary for the proper functioning of certain Internet sites.
  9. Make sure your good operating system is fully up to date.
    Neglecting updates can result in significant inconvenience and reduced performance.
    1. Apple computer
    2. Computers
  10. Check basic settings
    This device is a great way to find out what is installed on your computer, browser version, plug-ins, etc. This tool can help you update your personal computer yourself and/or can be sold to technical support to further assist clients problem solving.
    1. What are the main computational characteristics of Canvas?

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03/29/93 volume 7 issue fourteenth NEWSWEEKLY for MACINTOSH-MANAGER

Now updated to 2.0

The best networking experience in the context of u
first calendar app

Map Information 2.0

The update makes the desktop
Mapping software market leader


Tablet Digitization Offers You Many Possibilities
Features but lacks sensitivity

HP prepares RISC-based inkjet printing; Color of the skin
Apple bets on Fantasia at a low price



Nevin Berger

Multi-format MP3 CD player
first piece of apple pie

New DeskJet Deals
Postscript Level 8

Matthew Rothenberg

Cupertino, California – New Edition
Devices from Hewlett-Packard Co.
and Apple will raise its voice
color inkjet printing for Mac operators,
according to sources.

HP DeskJet 1200C/PS

Expedition date: May

List price: 2399US dollars.

Resolution: 600 x 300 dpi,
monochrome; three times 300 dpi,

Print speed CMYK: 4-6ppm monochrome;

1-2 minutes per area, CMYK

Languages: multi-level Adobe PostScript,
Color PCL 5, HP-Gl/2

Interfaces: LocalTalk, Parallel Centronics
Standard^OBASE T, additional small ring

Processor: 1 RISC i960SA 1 MHz

Andrew Gore

Antwerp, Belgium – Wave
Research Ltd., start-up company
Partially funded by Apple this week
should succeed FileWave by supplying a collaborative set
Software agents built into the Finder
easy to manage apps
desktop and mobile Mac computers.

A product that works by working with
System and 6 7 clients of course
automate dis-
Placement, translation synchronization
and monitoring the usage of the entire network.

FileWave Admin Agent
allows system operators to create users
Group and assign suggestions to it
Applications and data files in one click
Find and drag elements

✓ HP will introduce and go on sale in May
DeskJet 1200C/PS – $2399
Inkjet device RISC,
supports Adobe PostScript Level 2
and a maximum resolution of 600
around 300 dpi.The musical instrument would use new
identify better quality ink and
Bridges to print text or 2 4 bits
Letter color style legally associated with
Plain or coated paper A4.
like banners. He offers about three
printout modes; gears are enough
from seven pages per minute to 7 ppm
for text and 1-2 minutes for
Color picker images page.

DeskJet 1200C/PS will come to you
with 35 Type 1 10 or TrueType
Adobe fonts and font management
Well, the sources said. It automatically switches between
PCL level 5 color
and HP-GL/2 and therefore contains the font
slot for memory cards. The printer will
standard using LocalTalk and Centronics interfaces
in parallel as well as MIO
Location using the new HP JetDirect interface
Maps (see History, p. 115).

See Printers, page 115, for how

Windows, there are 7 users on the system and
group control unit.

Files starting with
server database, then also copied to it
background of each local user account
hard drive though they are researching
the user’s desktop as a separate factor,
password protected virtualal diversity.

When changing administrator
send record – update the report and even
Added a new app for auditing
ple – transparent system
make appropriate changes
on the workstations of the marked users.

✓ Groups and places. System
it should be easy to succumb
Administrators have the right
See FileWave, page 115.

PowerCD Strictly Enforces Practice
for unit

Matthew Rothenberg

and Neil McManus

Hannover, Germany – Apple
The PIE division brought its first fruits
The week in which the company introduced
PowerCD, portable device,
reads CDs, photo CDs and
Compact sound.

In addition to the new device
Apple does the best
A desktop CD authoring system that
allows users to create their own drives
with multimedia company

✓PowerCD. Apple debuted

PowerCD expected this summer when it was
CeBIT ’93 is here. Hammer 3.1
A device that can run on electricity
or four C batteries, it will definitely cost less
over $500, the sources exclaim.

“With the PowerCD, Apple will
bridge between thecommercial target group
and the domestic market,” Denise said.
Caruso, editor of San Francisco-
based on digital media: Seybold
Making report. User “Companies can take it
as well as a box for reading presentations,
and the house can use this to get involved
Photo CDs and music CDs.

The PowerCD is designed to work with both SCSI and
Interface cable to connect to each
Mac and AV cable
connect to TVs.

He has a high average
See Accessing PowerCD Data, page 115.

Lisa Picaril

San Jose, California – Radius Inc.
Countdown to June
Initiate SkyLab, a “media server” for pre-
Press and multimedia users.

Successfully presented in Digital World
in June and sent to our