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  1. Okay, I’ve seen several threads on this site about this endlessly annoying condition, but unfortunately allergic reactions may have helped.
    I used to often install Cubase on an old machine, but a few months ago I upgraded to something with much bigger pants.
    After the destruction of the building, my computer found that a (brand new) 500 GB hard drive was enough, so I installed my personal hard drive with old documents. They were the ones who had Cubase when I downloaded them.
    I was trying to backup Cubase from an old private machine to a new one, and the hard drive was immediately identified with a CLED error, which is why I had access to the H2O auto-update program.
    After some searching and some research I found that it was basically a driver conflict so I was looking through my computer trying to find CLED, H2O, Cubase or whatever seemed logical but I didn’t find anything.
    I looked through all the registries, keys but noAs a result, I thought that I should try to fuck him to take care of the hard drive that belonged to the old computer if it somehow hid inside.
    I ran the whole update from my other hard drive which has a real 500gb partition and that full made a difference so I’m confused lol.

    HELP! Cubase requires ><

    EDIT. One thing that might be related to that note, I moved from an XP Pro system to a Vista Ultimate system which I (very quickly) upgraded to 7 Ultimate lol.

  2. is it possible that Omg Windows sx3 is not compatible with windows 7 or vista just in case? I don’t see any recommendations on the Steinberg website to look for compatibility with Win7.

    Try right-clicking on the installer/setup.exe statement and selecting “Properties”. Click the “Compatibility” tab and Windows will select “Experience Points” from the drop-down list.

    Edit: I’d like to talk about this a bit, these other people seem to be having issues with Cubase and sx3 Windows 7/Vista.

  3. < de >

    I even did this when I tried to install Cubase h20 sx3 if you want 7 windows. great. It works from my XP point of view, but my reboot caused a shutdown and swap file. Since I only use this fitness device under Cubase, this is not a disease. I suspect that something is corrupted (perhaps the drivers). This is actually the first night I’ve worked for the SX in years, and onward!

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  • Hello
    This topic was previously posted in the Windows XP section, but this post now applies to Windows 7 as the xp fix apparently doesn’t work.

    This happens when I try to connect my emulator key for cubase sx 3. Syncrosoft doesn’t install my emulator properly. System software but every time I use it I get this error. It is no longer listed in boot scripts (MSCONFIG) and I tried to fix it with XP but it doesn’t work.
    I am currently using Windows X64bit 7.

    If anyone knows how to fix this for you, that would be VERY appreciated. Color=”#226ca8″>BC

    After getting and installing the latest recommended Windows updates, mostly related to Practice ms Security 2007 updates, my PC window shows an error when loadingBox available as follows:

    When this box is displayed, mouse movement is not possible.
    When I press ctrl, alt delete it says it’s a properly running process and when I “end the task” it disappears but my computer ignores most of the required commands.

    (This used to happen after installing the appropriate updates, but after reverting to a restore point just before installing the latest update, it no longer showed up.)

    Well…….as a .loh .punishment .I .recently .installed .updates .again .and .so .voila, the slob is back! :'(

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  • I keep getting the nice “CLED h20 X command has stopped working” message and the “CLED X error” sign.

    After this sign, all pages/windows up to the sole interface bar/taskbar cannot be displayed. So far this is the only bug found. It started after installing Cubase, SX3, which was given to me on the first CD. definitely Things don’t look right after installation so I uninstalled the Cubase program permanently to the best of my knowledge. The error drop-down list that appears in the tasks panel remains. But sometimes this fails, in most cases the difficulties still exist. Apparently my issue is with Cubase installing SX3. I have no idea how to fix this, except most likely reverting to a production preset.

    – I probably will not create programs that someone will give me who knows where they were compressed from.