Why did the icons on the Windows desktop change?

I’m starting the GlassFish server from the command line:

asadmin start domain – verbose

How do you fix an icon issue?

Update and restart applications and operating system. They think it’s the first thing we advise.
Delete Google Drive.
Reinstall apps.
icon settings.
Change the icon manually.
Update your video card drivers.
Scan DISM and SFC.
Restore icon cache.

asadmin start domain

asadmin1 domain

start domain

I’m looking at this particular error output. I see your first :

java block>
.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\sun\
SDK\domains\domain\config\domain-registry (access denied)

Command asadmin start-domain


This error occurs when domains have more than one sector.
None of these companies are named domain1 in the directory, and the domain
specified only with the command start-domain.


Usuallythere are more than one omen...

run domain as administrator run domain domain name

as Mycustomdomain

The administrator of this chapter lists problems that Oracle professionals may encounter.
GlassFish uses Server 4.0. The following topics can be discussed:

Unable To Access Local Server (http://localhost:8080)

Did the server do it first?


If the console window was almost certainly open, the expected message still showed it.
The default domain started successfully.

If the console window is already closed, look for messages where the log
File it. This is the default location:

If the launch was successful, the expected message is the same as
from the console and is therefore displayed at the end of the log file.

For more information about setting up a domain, see Stopping.
“Launch Domain” has in GlassFish Server
Administration Guide for the Open Source Edition. To discover such a simple
domain is running, we draw it with the command asadmin list-domains.


Was the running server available on the expected port?


The server may be running on a different expected port,
Either the range because hidden data was set there, or because someone else
By default, the server file was considered already connected when the server file was


The traditional server port number is 8080, on the other side there is a number
Ways to change the expected value:

  • Another installer must specify a different port number.

  • There is a previous installation.

    1. Check the server configuration file:

    domain-dir/config/domain of.xml
    1. Find the network-listener element.

    2. Check the value type of the port attribute.feel free
      Don’t specify a valid port evaluation when calling server.number

    The default transport server is 8080, but where available
    The probability that the expected valuecan’t change:

  • The selected installation has a different port number.

  • There is a previous installation.

  • Is personal firewall enabled?

    Problems may arise when personal firewalls are enabled. Disable your
    Personal firewall, also check if there is a problem with the server.

    Unable To Access Remote Server

    On creation, open the GlassFish server page, the initial
    The screen never appears.

    Is the server available locally?


    If the server type is not available from the Internet, it works
    locally, after which the server is actually started.


    When the entire home page is displayed, the web connection is usually interfering
    Problem, remote access to the server. If the main home is not
    appears, the page see Is the server running?

    1. Connect to this specific host that the server is running on.

    2. Go to a local website. For example, if 8080 this is the default value.
      port, go to:

    Are proxy settings a server issue?


    This must come directly from the host, usually
    works(localhost); For example, working with the default port 8080:


    A device instance running on localhost may not be available if
    The server host machine is usually connected to the Internet through a different proxy server. allow
    If you encounter this issue, do one of the following:


    To find the hostname for the template, enter localhost, hostname.
    on the command line.

  • Set a specific bypass for the proxy machine browser when accessing localhost.
    To learn how to do this, refer to the information in the help system of your browser.

  • Use the full name of the IP address or provider most commonly associated with the system; yours for

  • How do I fix my desktop icons in Windows 10?

    Right-click the current desktop and select Personalize. Click Themes > Desktop Icon Analysis Options. Select the specific icon you want to display on the desktop, then click OK. Rest assured that the problem of missing desktop icons has definitely been resolved.


  • Make an entry in the hosts file of our system (for example, by saying if localhost is required; 127.0.0.Is 1 probably not a proxy).

  • How do I fix the icons on my computer?

    Right click on the old desktop work area.
    Click a specific View option in the context menu to expand the options.
    Make sure many “show desktop icons” are checked.
    You should immediately see if your re-feeling appears.

    To get the computer name localhost for a host, hostname
    in the enter purchase line.

    Unable To Access Management Console

    How do I fix the icons on my computer?

    Right-click an empty space on your desktop.
    On the context menus, click the main View option to expand the options.
    Make sure the experts say thato “Show desktop icons” is enabled.
    You should immediately see how your feelings are resurrected.

    The management console provides a graphical user interface for working with
    administrative. If the management console check
    available, the following:

    For more information and facts about the management console, see
    Open the “Management Console” in GlassFish Server.
    Source Control Rendering Guide.running?



    The management console startup application server must be a server.

    Is the management console running on the expected port?


    The default number for the federal console is 4848.
    However, it may be processed differently than expected on a different port number.
    either because he was specially placed there, or because
    The port was in use when the server started.


    See Did the server start on oexpected port? on the
    Specifies the permissions that specify the port on which the console control resides.
    Run. Be sure to enter the correct HTTP protocol number and port if
    Access to the management console.

    Failed To Access Server Application

    If a particular package is not available through the server,
    Check the Glassfish item for the following:

    Application running?


    How do I restore my icons back to normal?

    Open settings.
    Click Personalization.
    Click Themes.
    Click on the “Desktop Icon Environments” link.
    Check all the icons you want to place on your desktop, including Computer (This PC), User Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel.
    Click Apply.
    click OK.

    Check the information under Is the server running? for
    determine if the server is running. The server should turn it in front of you
    The server application is available.

    Did he succeed?


    Application deployment must be deployed by a qualified technician before you can access it.


    Make sure the application is deployed without problems. get a lot
    The ways are:

    For more information about deploying applications, see Deploying applications.
    “App Deployment” in GlassFish Server Open
    A guide to using Source Edition deployment. They check the administration
    Also online conso helpwhether.

    How do you fix an icon issue?

    lay back
    icon-cache If restarting Explorer or the PC itself doesn’t help, a corrupted subtitle cache is probably the best defense against the problem. Clearing cache stars can help. C Our quickest way to do this is to run a few commands from an elevated command prompt console.

    How do I restore my icons back to normal?

    Open settings.
    Click Personalization.
    Click Themes.
    Click on this link Desktop icon settings for .All
    check the world celebrities you want to see on your desktop, including (this computer), files, user network, recycle bin and control panel.
    Click Apply.
    click OK.