How to Install and Run KDE Programs on Windows

Who would have thought, according to experts, that KDE, one of the most widely andused Linux desktop environments, will be developed for Windows with all its native applications?

Its name speaks for itself. Windows Installer is a KDE installer for Windows systems running Windows 2000, XP and 2003, including Windows On Vista.

All you have to do to get KDE working is choose the file where you want to put your applications. Pay attention to the folder as you will need to access it later (bin) to run the utilities in the KDE environment.

Is GNOME better than KDE?

GNOME is generally considered to be simpler and less resource intensive than KDE. Interestingly, KDE requires less minimum RAM (615 MB vs. 768 MB in GNOME), while gnome’s system minimum requirements are less demanding due to CPU speed (700 MHz vs. KDE’s 1 GHz requirement).

As for this Windows version, almost all of the original applications are in kde, although some of them will still be missing. In any case, it’s best to open Konqueror, open kde, internet browser and select the “Applications” item. Browse the Hardware Information folders to access unique programs organized by category.

However, if you are unsure of not using the KDE Desktop Environment for Windows, check out the apps included in the surprise on this Wikipedia page.

How do I get KDE for Windows?

The KDE frameworks are a set of libraries built on the Qt model, providing everything from a simple utility to built-in solutions for the personal needs of common desktop applications. You can read them at Http://download .kde.Download or org /stable/frameworks /read the entire online documentation at.

Because the KDE software produces the Free You software, you can register yourKDE installers
free in most cases. On a special page below you can read about ways
other so that you can get the KDE software.

General Information

KDE software, which consists of a large number of applications for patients,
Plasma, desktop and workspace for KDE, frameworks, startup
Applications built right after multiple libraries. You can run KDE applications.
everything of value simply in any desktop environment.
It has been shown that kde applications are built in such a way that they now integrate well with your applications.
system components. Also with plasma you get
Improve your work integration apps even more
environment while reducing platform resource requirements.

Plasma runs on good, relatively new PCs, but it also works
ideal for older computers with minimal resources.

For our Linux software installer, choose a Linux distribution and get the packages you need.
See Get
DistributionKDE on your Linux

KDE Plasma Is Our Office

How do I get KDE for Windows?

The KDE frameworks are a set of qt-style libraries that provide everything from simple utility forms to built-in solutions for common desktop applications. You can download them from or read them online documentation.

Can you use KDE on Windows?

“KDE libraries and additional applications are available to you, whether you’re a Merchant developer, manager, or free software developer. Not only can you use the toolkit – someone can add their own solutions to improve KDE’s contribution to the community.”

Installing Plasma on your device is easy if you use this mainstream Linux
distributions; he is included somewhere near everyone in the One World! partial full price can be found here:
KDE Cargo software distributions

Are there any for
tank code
. Building from a rule source is generally not recommended
for users, while knowledge requires excessive computer software development

KDE Applications

KDE Applications run on most Linux,
BSD systems, in these cases it is recommended
Install the ready-made KDE application for corporate systems
tool software to install it. Most included
with free core systems.

Kde Frameworks

Kde frameworks are a set of libraries built on top of the Qt framework, providing everything from regular utility classes to built-in solutions at a fair price. typical requirements for desktop applications.
You can download it http://download or listen to online documentation.

Windows And MacOS

KDE for some installers – Windows – related applications available from KDE in the Windows project .Apple

For macOS systems, some applications have been released by their developers. A list of them can be found on the community wiki. about the


kde software for Android in the KDE community account for playing in the Google Store.

< /main>

I was able to run Konsole on WSL1 about a year ago using either xming ming minx or whatever xorg-thingy is called. By the way, all this was automatically compiled on this Win-machine. I later found out that when I could even build on my non-linux machine, not to mention that I could just dump the binaries where Windows expects them (it’s a “real” Linux system for everyone anyway).

Of course, it’s not a complete replacement, but it works well – I feel like I can skip most windows. (I can’t do this because Windows keeps crashing for me, so I reinstalled Red Hat on this laptop, but it’s still a good situation to run standalone applications) kde.

KDE Installer For Windows Overview

KDE Windows Installer is a free program for Windows that belongs to the Utilities & Tools category.


The KDE Windows Installer is a product developed by KDE eV. This current site is not directly related to KDE eV. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names combined with company logos or names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Comment to install and run KDE programs on Windows

This guide will usually take you step by step through a simple installation of KDE Windows at .

First, you need to download the KDE installer
For windows. You can run KDE on Windows using Windows 2000,
XP, Vista, or 2003. After each boot is completed on
Launch the application with a double click.

  1. Run the installer, review the Kde information when it first appears, and click Next. to continue.

  2. click select expand

  3. , open to make a dangling directory for native KDE components. Click the Browse button and navigate to the folder where you want to install Kde. After activation, the next choice.

  4. press

  5. to set, the screen will remain selected with the specific default mode (end user). Click “Next.

  6. Click to enlarge

  7. Now consider the storage directory for the installation files to be downloaded. When you’re done, you click Next.

  8. click to expand

  9. your Connection Type Internet (probably by default I have a direct connection to the mainstream Internet). Click “Next” again.

  10. Click expand

  11. to select the download server closest to you and click Next.

  12. Click Expand

  13. to install now.Tick ​​the checkbox for each item you want to set. Next.

  14. Click to enlarge

  15. Depending on which packages you choose, whether they will be installed
    a specific list of required packages is presented, which, of course, must be
    downloaded and installed. Click “Continue” to start the download.

  16. click to enlarge

  17. Now you can hope for a cup of coffee, but don’t stray too far from your home PC..
  18. Is KDE Connect available for Windows 10?

    KDE Connect is now available for Windows 10 users – OMG!

    Click to expand

  19. A stuck error may occur several times during the download and installation process. Each time this happens, click Retry. Eventually it will be loaded.
  20. Can you use KDE on Windows?

    “The KDE Libraries apps are available plus to you, whether you are a commercial developer, a manager, or a free software developer. Not only can you use the toolbox, customers can offer their own solutions, as well as improvements for their community.”

    Is KDE Connect available for Windows 10?

    KDE Connect is now available for Windows 10 users – OMG!