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It looks like The Ace Attorney has finally made it to the west. The CAPCOM title originally existed in Japan, after reaching your goal of Ace Attorney Trilogy on completely different platforms, we finally installed another one with proper localization. Like other recent CAPCOM releases, the game is fully available on PC via Steam. The port is mostly reliable, but there are a few problems. If you want to use the blurry graphics, interface, or text of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, here’s how to do it yourself.

In addition to Steam, the previous trilogy received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles UI Blur Issue Fixed

Looks and works well at true 1080p, but there are some issues by the time the client launches. Users have complained that the UI, text, and other elements are often a bit blurry or out of place. There was no such problem with the previous collection. This is pretty easy to fix and you can do it by following the calculations below.

  • Open Steam, thenyour library
  • Right-click the current Great Ace Lawyer Chronicles in the entire library.
  • Here, select Manage, then Browse Local Files.
  • Right-click the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles executable.
  • Select Properties
  • Open the Compatibility tab and select Change high resolution settings.
    • Now help to make sure “Override High Resolution Acceleration” is checked.

    If you launch the game after this, you will notice an improvement in graphics, user interface, and gameplay, especially text. This guide is specifically for gamers playing at higher resolutions, especially 4K.

    We have already added motion blur to several MMORPGs such as Persona 5 Strikers, Guilty Gear Strive and many more.

    We hope you found this article helpful and that your Great Ace Attorney Chronicles blur issue has been resolved. If you have any questions feel free to ask in those special comments below.

    Browse files
    Change DPI Height alt=”Check settings
    Override High DPI Scaling Behavior

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    Chronicles of the great lawyer-ace

    ! While we hope each of our fans will have a great time playing online there, there will always be instances where the game may not work correctly in certain locations and/or on certain hardware combinations.


    We’ve set up these troubleshooters and thread viewers so you can share with you any near-technical issues that you mightappear in your game.

    Before submitting credit reports, make sure you follow the instructions below to rule out any issues with your PC, Steam, or game files:

    Please make sure you meet the type of minimum game requirements listed for you on the specific games page.
    Steam store page
    ; Failure to meet the minimum system requirements to run the game may result in low frame rates or the game may not launch.

    If you meet these minimum requirements, but specific requirements are not recommended, you should turn off graphics settings if you haven’t already. Please note that most graphics settings changes require restarting the task in the group for the changes to take effect. Tall

    Some graphics chips end up being integrated, modern integrated GPUs in laptops may work, but they haven’t been tested or even officially supported by Capcom GPUs, we like to disable integrated graphics with software.through the BIOS settings information before starting the game. See your laptop/motherboard manufacturer’s manual for more information on obtaining the BIOS.

    If you are using any multi-GPU setting, such as NVIDIA’s SLI technology or even ATI’s Crossfire technology, we recommend disabling these settings again as people may cause compatibility issues with the main game.

    Capcom does not provide thousands or technical support for PCs that do not meet the minimum recommended system requirements.

    2. Add the game folder and files to your antivirus exclusions/exclusions

    Some runtime issues can be caused by various antivirus programs preventing the game executable from running due to a very false positive error. We recommend that users add several of the following files and files to the lists of other antiviruses and firewalls to avoid this issue. If these files and folders have since been added, try removing them from the exclude list first.ions and add again.

    Note. To quickly access the following paper folders, you must use the Windows key + R to copy and paste the URL of the following folder. TGAAC.exe Default Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TGAAC

    To learn how to add exclusions that your antivirus software can use, visit one of the following links:

    1. Windows Defender[]
    2. Microsoft Security Fundamentals[]
    3. Malwarebytes[]
    4. Avast Antivirus[]
    5. AVG Antivirus[]
    6. Kaspersky Anti-Virus[]
    7. Webroot SecureAnywhere[]
    8. McAfee Antivirus (Steam Support Guide)
    9. Bitdefender*[]

    * For Bitdefender: Add the .exe file of this game to the program’s whitelist. To do this, follow the following product steps:

    1. Open Bitdefender
    2. Go to the Security tab
    3. Click function”
    4. Click “Show gear icon in the Advanced Thread Defense panel part”.
    5. Select Whitelisted Opportunities
    6. Browse and find the .exe file
    7. P After adding the .exe file, close Bitdefender and also restart the user’s game.

    Some may find that the game is running normally by running Steam.exe in administrator mode. This should be possible by right-clicking the .exe file type and choosing “Run as administrator”. If that doesn’t work, also try running the game’s .exe in administrator mode.
    Try updating your card drivers as old drivers can often cause a variety of issues ranging from cosmetic issues in the game to the game not launching right away etc.
    Click here

    Also check if Windows Update is running and if your flight system is up to date.

    If you still see details, try performing a functional reinstall of the entire video owner. This will remove any external driver DLLs or game information that was present during a previous truck driver installation.

    To create the clean video that many car owners install, enthusiasts use an amazing third-party software.A program called Display Driver Uninstaller [] which completely removes the components (ddu) that are already part of the driver. . original installation package.

    1. Run DDU and uninstall the old graphics driver online.
    2. Install the latest OEM graphics driver and restart your computer.
    3. Run the latest DirectX installation package [] frequently and restart your computer.

    IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to restart Windows after the installation of the video presentation driver is complete. This information resets the driver and graphics card with the new driver.
    As a reminder, other high-performance integrated graphics chips and discrete GPUs in the current notebook class work fine but have not been tested or officially supported by Capcom. Notebooks with dual GPUs, despite having such an integrated Intel GPU + a dedicated Nvidia graphics card, will likely require additional configuration in a scenario where the integrated processor replaces the dedicated graphics drivers.