Fixed slow loading of Windows icons by increasing the icon cache.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, you can quickly clear your memory cache with a keyboard shortcut. In a browser, press Ctrl+Shift+Del at the same time on a laptop or computer to open the corresponding window.

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Press the [Ctrl], [Shift] and [delete] keys on your keyboard.
Select “since installation period” to clear all browser cache.
For now, enable the “Images and Cached” option.Files”.
Confirm your settings by clicking on the “Delete browsing data” field.
Reloads the page.

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  • Windows Store cannot be loaded. “We do not currently have permission to connect to the service you want.” Please check your connection to interact or try again later.

    Whenever I try to download a new app of any type from a specific Windows Store (games or open news apps), I get an error that it can’t be used, or please try again later. This just happened last week and it worries people because I don’t have permission to download apps. He said, “We can’t activate the service you need right now.” Check your shared network or try again later. If someone can solve this problem for my life, it will be a great relief.

    Original name: Windows

    Try downloading from the store

    and follow the troubleshooting steps below, following the methods set by Vinodh.V

    Method 1: Make sure the date and time range is correct

    Open Fast Scan (requires Windows R)
    Enter +timedate.cpl and click OK
    Click the Int tabernet Moments

    Click “Change Settings”


    Click “Update now” and also click “OK” after the period is synchronized.

    Method 2: The problem is probably with the proxy settings

    If you are using a proxy

    Press Windows key + X to be sure to open the Power Users menu
    Click on Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type the following command and type media

    netsh winhttp import proxy source is equivalent to ie

    If that doesn’t work, you can reset your proxy settings with the following command

    netsh winhttp reset proxy

    3. The correct method to update Windows

    Running the Windows Update troubleshooter may resolve some issues.

    Open “Settings” and select “Storage”.
    In the detailed list of results, tap the “Easy Access to Apps” app (others on Android 11 and/or earlier).app.
    Select the memory cache you want to clear.
    On the information page of this, tap on the Clear option app.

    Open Control Panel

    Click and find “Troubleshoot” under “System and Security” in the “Perception” category (or) click “Troubleshoot” if we have large icons or icon views.

    Select issues that have been fixed with Windows Update.

    Select Next, then click Finish when the process is complete tsya

    Search method 4: Search for the latest Windows updates

    Open Quick Run (Windows key + R)
    Type wuapp and click Check.
    Click Updates.
    Download and install pending updates.
    Restart your computer.

    Method 4: Run this special SFC scanner

    Press Windows Critical + X to open the forced user menu
    Click Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type a direction and press Enter


    First method: Upgrade to a local account in addition to switching to a Microsoft account

    To switch to local accounts

    Press Windows key + C to open the Charms bar
    Click Settings
    Click Change PC settings
    Click USERS or Accounts
    Click your current account Entry
    Click Sign Out
    Enter your current user information and click Next.
    Click Sign Out.

    How to switch to a Microsoft account

    Press Windows Key + C to display the charms bar
    Click Settings
    Click Reverse PC Settings
    Click USERS orAccounts
    Click Back to sign in to your Microsoft account
    Enter your current password type
    Enter a password for any Microsoft account and click Next
    Click Change

  • Short Studio 3.0 cannot connect to the entire delivery service


    After installing Short 3.0 on Windows 2008 R2, strict box with Tomcat for Studio, when I enter the json string in Studio for the provisioning service, I still get the message “Unable to stop delivery service”.< /p>

    JSON format string:

    “port”: “8881”.

    ‘server’: ‘localhost’.

    I could connect to the Weblogic console via console (localhost:8881) due to a provisioning issue without the green box not showing with body = ok.

    Any ideas , what could be the problem?

    Thank you!


    It looks like you are trying to implement an insecure (non-SSL) connection – stuck between the studio and the provisioning service, but your configuration might be wrong. See the following: #Configuring%20the%20deploying%20%20%20 service for%20non-secure%20%20% 20 messages.

    In particular, make sure that in your plan, discovering the transport-guarantee variable often means’NOTHING’ and that the value of ‘protected-url-template’ is definitely ‘DISABLED’ or ‘equals’. If these settings are incorrect, the issue you are experiencing may occur. Please note that the incident is important.


  • Guest account cannot login and is not usually associated with a service, including Sense

    Open Chrome on your computer.
    Click more in the top right corner.
    Click More Tools. Clear browsing data.
    Please select a period above. To select all, you remove Total.Check
    then the “Cookies and other site data” and/or “Images and files” fields are cached.
    Click Clear Data.

    I’m usually the only one using my computer, but recently a friend of mine wanted to use it so badly that I wanted to create an account – or I tried! Everything seemed normal until she left to sign up for a meaningful session and he said your wife could come into the service, you know? and contact the administrator. Â I have no idea what the idea is or does it just mean that their comments can’t be found. Â I’m tired of watching support then. Â Any help anyone can give me.

    Open Chrome on your computer.
    Usually, click “More” in the upper right corner.
    Click More Tools. Clear browsing data.
    Select a period above. To clear everything, select All.
    Then, if you want to combine cookies and other site data with cached images and files, check the appropriate boxes.
    Click Clear Data.


    Open the Run dialog from the Start menu, or press Window + R to open the Run window. Type “wsreset.exe” and press the key. This usually clears the entire Store cache and windows shows how the store normally exits after when.


    Ok, try the following:

    1 – Sign in to your account

    2 – Win + R to open the Run menu

    Currently, press the Ctrl, Shift, and Del/Delete keys on your keyboard at the same time.
    Select “All Time” or “All in Time Range”, make sure “Cache” and optionally “Cached Images and Files” are selected, then click the “Clear Comprehension” button.

  • How to Clear PC Cache in Windows 10




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  • This time: 11:38 gives you some popups telling me about stability issues and I need a proprietary cleaner to them. A new image appeared on the desktop of the computer, similar to a maze of blue and red colors. I still can’t change it.

    What to do if the icon cache is not there?

    I tried rebooting in normal safe mode and using safe methods with networking. All I get is a black screen with safe tools in the corners.

    Also, when I normally boot the computer from safe mode, the blue and red maze appears and the rest of the icons and the system won’t load.

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    How do you clear your cache on PC?

    Open Chrome on your primary computer.
    It’s best to click “More” on the right.
    Click More Methods. Clear browsing data.
    Find the period above. To delete almost everything, select All the time.
    Check the boxes next to “Cookies and other website data only” and “Thoughts and cached files”.
    Click Clear Data.

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  • How do I clear the cache on my computer?

    Hello, I would really appreciate it if you could run these few tools and return the reports, thanks.

  • Clearly indicate that you are connected to the Internet.
  • Double-click mbam-setup.exe to install our application.
  • When the installation starts, follow the instructions and do not make any changes to the default settings.
  • When installation is complete, remember to leave both enabled:
    • Updating Anti-Malware from Malwarebytes
    • Run Malwarebytes Antivirus
  • Then click Done.
  • MBAM will automatically start the person up and prompt them to review the program before running any meaningful analysis.

  • If an update is found, the help will be updated automatically.
  • Click OK to close this window and continue.
  • If you’re having problems, let alone downloading the updates, manually download them from here and simply double-click the mbam-rules.exe file to install them. Alternatively, you can also update from another clean computer using the mbam interface, copy the updates(rules.Located ref) to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from this system, finally copy them to a USB stick or CD, and then to the appropriate computer.
  • On tab:

  • To scan it, make sure the main option “Perform a quick scan” is selected.
  • Then click the Scan button.
  • If prompted to select drives to scan, leave all drives selected and click the Start Scan button.
  • The analysis starts and “Analysis” is also displayed at the top. This may take some time, so please be patient.
  • After the scan is complete, a window appears with the message: “Scan completed successfully. Click Show Results to view all found items.”
  • Click OK to close this message box and continue the uninstall process.
  • Return to the main scanner screen:

  • Click the View Results button to view a list of detected malware.
  • Make sure everything is checked and click Remove Selected.
  • After completedIf you delete it, Notepad will open the function history report.
  • The log is saved automatically and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.
  • Copy and paste the contents of this report into the following user’s response and log out of MBAM.
  • Note. If MBAM finds a file that is difficult to remove, you may be prompted to restart your computer so that it can continue the current healing process. Whether you are prompted to start your computer or not, do so immediately. Crashing the computer (usually not in safe mode) minimizes the risk that MBAM will surely remove all malware. MBAM can “make changes to individual records” as part of a company’s cleanup process. If other computer security programs that detect registry changes (such as Spybot’s Teatimer) use them, they may harass you or report you after scanning with MBAM. Please temporarily disable these programs or remember to allow changes.

    “; the anchor text displays the file with the infection classification files (if any).

    How to repair corrupted font cache in Windows 10?

    Copy/paste the new content of this report into the following response.

    Note: some antivirus programs (AntiVir, Dr.Web, Kaspersky) perceive process.exe as a “RiskTool”; it is no longer a virus, but software used to terminate system processes. Antivirus networks cannot distinguish between “good” and “malicious” use of these programs, so they may warn the user.…processutil.htm

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  • How do I clear the cache on my EA desktop?

    Hi Boopme, thanks for helping me. I can’t get to the screen where I can open IE to connect to the internet.

    Can I get to the point where it asks me in safe mode if I want admin access or just access my normal user profile? I click on admin and get an unused screen with safe mode in the corners and Microsoft with build numbers and SP 2 on top. I

    If you try to open a specific drive with this address (C:\), this task will show that the whole drive is not found.

    It sees the disk in a private CD with Spy No More exe written on it, but won’t let me save to disk.

    edited to add: I can view my drives, but also can’t open a specific file that I can tell it to watch.

    How do I clear my run cache?

    From the Start menu, open the Run dialog, or press Window + R to open the Run window. Type wsreset.exe and press Enter. This will clear the entire windows control cache and then show you the storage when done.

    How do I clear the cache on my C drive?

    Click Start, then select Disk Cleanup.
    Click “Disk Cleanup” when it appears in the search results.
    Make sure the C: drive is selected and click OK.
    Then check the box so that it includes “Temporary Files”. It’s up to you if you want to check other types of files.